Trepper Urgently Needs Operation
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Trepper Urgently Needs Operation

Leopold Trepper has been trying to obtain an exit visa to emigrate to Israel since January without success. Now, because of an urgently needed operation, which cannot be performed in Poland, the former chief of the Soviet spy network, the “Red Orchestra,” may yet succeed in leaving.

According to a medical document given to Trepper’s son, Michael Brojde, a few days ago by an English tourist and just translated into English, only an operation can save Trepper’s leg. The document, signed by a specialist in surgery. Dr. Wesolowski, a non-Jew from the official medical clinic in Warsaw, said the veins are nearly blocked, stopping the flow of blood to the end of the leg.

According to international medical law, a patient can ask for a specialist anywhere in the world if the treatment cannot be performed in his own country. Brojde said the “Save Trepper Committee” in London is prepared to pay the expenses connected with the operation.

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