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Israeli Envoys to Protest Vote for 3-power Resolution in Security Council

Officials disclosed here today that Israeli ambassadors in all Western states which are members of the United Nations Security Council have been instructed to protest to the governments for their support of the three-power resolution introduced in the Security Council last Sunday. The United States vetoed the Somalia-Guinea-Yugoslavia resolution because it failed to mention the slayings of the 11 Israeli athletes at Munich in calling on all Middle East states to halt immediately all military action.

Michael Comay, the Israeli envoy to Britain, will meet tomorrow with Sir Alec Douglas Home, the British Foreign Secretary in London. Israeli envoys in Paris, Rome, Brussels, Tokyo and Buenos Aires also have been ordered to raise the issue with those governments. Comay has been instructed to discuss with Sir Alec his “clearing” of Egypt from any responsibility for the Munich slayings, the officials here said.