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Education for What? Terrorist Groups Recruit New Members by Financing Their College Education

Terrorist organizations are recruiting new members by agreeing to finance their college education, it was disclosed today by a military tribunal in Nablus. The tribunal is trying two West Bank Arab youths who, the tribunal said, joined terrorist groups as a condition for receiving money to attend universities in Arab countries. According to the tribunal at least 40 other Arabs have joined El Fatah in order to pursue a higher education.

The Nablus defendants are accused of membership in an illegal organization and aiding a hostile organization. One of them, Abdallah Dailah, 20, was advised by “people in the know” to approach El Fatah after he failed to gain admission to a university in a neighboring Arab country, the tribunal said. El Fatah agreed to pay his tuition and travelling expenses if he joined. The result was that Dailah became an El Fatah member and was admitted to an Algerian university. He was arrested when he returned to the West Bank to seek an extension of his study leave.

The second defendant, Ghazi Mehsein, 20, joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in order to gain admittance to Damascus University through the good offices of the PFLP. But his grants lasted only a few months. He was arrested when he returned to Antebah, his home village near Tulkarem.