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Archbishop Condemns Head Tax

The Soviet Union’s demanding of payment by would-be emigrants for education received has been condemned here by Archbishop Antonio Quarracino of Avellaneda, secretary for ecumenism of the Argentine Episcopal Conference. “This tax of prohibitive amount taxes the intelligence, puts a price on talent, on intellectual development, and converts the scientists, intellectuals and professionals into an object, a merchandise, subject to a new form of slavery which clashes with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and constitutes an aggression to man’s dignity,” the Archbishop said.

Similar statements were issued by the Rev. Dr. Luis Buscafusco, chairman of the Confederation of Evangelic Churches; Dr. Carlos T. Gattinoni, chairman of the Christian Renovating Movement; Dr. Cyril Tucker, bishop of the Methodist Church; Dr. Andre Glace, rector of the Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dr. Ernesto Bauman, principal of the Ward School here.