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Analysis of Skull May Prove Bormann Died with Hitler

If Dr. Hans-Joergen Spengler, a leading West Berlin forensic expert is correct, little doubt can remain that Martin Bormann died with Hitler in a Berlin bunker 28 years ago. Dr. Spengler says he is virtually certain-that one of two skulls retrieved recently from the suicide bunker is Bormann’s.

Dr. Spengler has been studying the skull for the past four weeks and says he has identified certain key features. One of them is gold bridgework which has been identified by the man who made it, Fritz Echtmann a dental technician who worked for Bormann’s dentist. Bone measurements also tallied with those of Bormann. Dr. Spengler reports. The second skull was identified as that of Hitler’s physician Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger.