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Allon: No Israel Minister Would Allow Jordanian Sovereignty in Jerusalem

Deputy Premier Yigal Allon again firmly denied yesterday that he had advocate granting Jordan any sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem. Answering a motion for the agenda proposed by Herut leader Menahem Beigin, Allon said no minister in the Cabinet would countenance giving Jordan political rights in the capital. There was “not a shadow of doubt on this,” he said. Allon said, however, that in the context of a peace settlement it might be possible to grant Jordan religious rights over the Moslem holy places. This, he said, would in no way impinge on Israel’s sovereignty.

Allon had been reported by Israeli newsmen as advocating granting Jordan sovereignty over the Moslem quarter of the Old City, or, according to another report, over the Temple Mount. He has denied both versions. Beigin, who based himself on the newspaper reports, called on Allon to resign as Deputy Premier if he felt this way.