Urge Naming Plaza for Naphtali Imber, Author of “hatikvah”
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Urge Naming Plaza for Naphtali Imber, Author of “hatikvah”

The New York City Housing Authority has been asked to name a new plaza in a city housing project on Manhattan’s Lower East Side project in memory of Naphtali Imber, author of “Hatikvah.” The plaza is directly across the street from the site of a residence where Imber lived.

The request was made by Hank McManus, Liberal Party candidate for the New York City Council from the Lower East Side. He proposed also placing a blue and white plaque bearing the first stanza of what is now Israel’s national anthem. He said it should be placed in a setting in which “it could not be vandalized or destroyed.”

Imber resided at the house from 1892 until his death on Oct. 1909. McManus suggested that ceremonies for the proposed Imber Plaza be held on that anniversary date this year, though it will be Columbus Day. He said such a plaque had been affixed to the Imber residence on East Second St. several years ago. The building later was razed.

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