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Sentiment in Congress Stronger to Deny USSR Men Trade Status

Senator Henry M. Jackson (D.Wash.) has informed the Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry that sentiment in Congress “is stronger than ever” in support of legislation to deny the USSR trade concessions unless it lifts all barriers to emigration. He emphasized that the growing oppression in the Soviet Union–of intellectuals as well as of Soviet Jews–“underscores the importance of pushing harder for legislation to deny ‘most favored nation’ status to the USSR.”

Jackson said the 77 Senator sponsors of the Jackson-Mills-Vanik bills “will not budge” from their position, particularly in light of the worsening plight of Soviet Jewry. If there is going to be a trade bill in this session of Congress, Jackson said, “I will insist that it include the Jackson-Mills-Vanik amendment. The safety and the human dignity of three million Soviet Jews demands that we continue on this course of action. Trade between nations is important, but first there must be a movement of ideas and people.”