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800 Rally for Jackson Amendment

The strains of orchestral music at Lincoln Center were joined last night by the blasts of a shofar, as. 800 Jews and non-Jews rallied in support of the Jackson Amendment and its House counterpart, the Mills-Vanik bill. The rally was co-sponsored by Massorah-Young Israel Intercollegiate and the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry.

Rabbi Avraham Weiss of Riverdale, N.Y., an executive of the SSSJ and an Instructor at Stern College, revealed that activist Moscow Jews had begun to wear yellow Stars of David to protest denial of exit permits. He stated: “Human lives are subjects, not objects. We were satisfied to sit in silence, once, but we will never be satisfied to sit in silence again.” Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Ogden Reid, the keynote speaked, declared: “We cannot let Soviet Jews be sacrificed on the alter of economic and foreign aid.”

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