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3 Israeli Soldiers Killed. 4 Injured by Mine in Jordan Valley; 2 Soldiers Killed. 2 Wounded by Syria

Three Israeli soldiers were killed and four were injured last night when a military vehicle struck a mine on a dirt road near Nahal Gittit settlement in the Jordan Valley. Army authorities are investigating the incident, the first in the Jordan Valley in almost three years.

Meanwhile, air action and shelling continued today on the Syrian front where two Israeli soldiers were killed and two wounded by Syrian artillery fire Monday. The dead soldiers were Identified today as Sgt. Aharon Atzlan, 21, of Tel Aviv and Pvt. Avraham Nissin, 20, of Hadera.

Israel Air Force Jets struck at Syrian positions in the MT. Hermon area for a half hour this morning and staged a 90-minute attack in the same sector during the afternoon. All planes returned safely to their bases. Four Syrian Air Force jets attacked Israeli forces in the southern sector of the Yom Kippur enclave at noon today without causing casualties,

Syrian artillery shelled Israeli positions in the Mt. Hermon area yesterday and Israeli Air Force planes struck back in a two-hour action that began at 8 a.m. yesterday morning. The Israeli planes returned safely to their bases. Two Syrian MIG-2ls flew low over Israeli lines in the Yom Kippur War enclave Monday but did not at tack and were chased off by Israeli interceptors.

Likud leader Gen. Ariel Sharon said last night that the Yom Kippur War had proven beyond doubt the essentiality of the Golan Heights to Israel’s security. He said that Israel must under no circumstances withdraw from the lines established in the 1967 Six-Day War. Gen Sharon spoke at Bet Sokolow, the journalists center.