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Nixon, Rabbi Nowitz Discussed Economic Aid

President Nixon and Finance Minister Yehoshua Rabinowitz discussed U.S. economic aid, grants, food surplus and assistance to Israel toward absorbing Soviet Jewish emigres before Nixon left Israel yesterday. It was disclosed here. Rabinowitz said after the meeting that Nixon had displayed a thorough knowledge of Israel’s economic problems that was most helpful in their talks.

According to reliable sources, Israel has requested $6 billion in long-term economic aid from the U.S. mainly in the form of grants. It also wants assurances of aid for a period of at least four years instead of the yearly appropriations which is the current practice. The talks with Nixon centered around military aid. Israel is said to be seeking $5.2 billion over the next four years that would include the remainder of the $2.2 billion appropriated by Congress this year. Nixon has already approved $1 billion of the latter sum as a grant but Israelis hope he will provide an additional $500 million in grant form. Israel received $50 million in food surplus from the U.S. last year but wants it doubled in each of the next four years to cover the Increased price of food. Israel is also seeking at least $50 million annually over the next four years to aid immigrants.