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Newspaper Poll Finds 80 Percent Opposed to Nixon’s Nuclear Deal with Egypt

An opinion survey by the Detroit Free Press which asked its readers if they favored “President Nixon’s agreement to supply Egypt with nuclear fuel for research and peaceful purposes” drew an 80.2 percent negative response, according to the published results. The newspaper circulates in the Greater Detroit area which is believed to have the largest Arab community in North America.

Comments from readers opposed to the agreement included: “It’s like putting a loaded gun in the hands of a baby….” “How do we know they’ll only be using it for peaceful purposes?” and “That’s all we need, another nuclear power country.” Among the 19.8 percent who favored the agreement, one reader remarked, “We’ve given it to Israel, so why not to Egypt?” Another said it would “help keep world peace” and a third thought “It’s good the U.S. is helping some other Middle East country besides Israel.”