Black Psychiatrist Warns Enemies of Blacks Foster Anti-semitsm
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Black Psychiatrist Warns Enemies of Blacks Foster Anti-semitsm

Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, a Black psychiatrist who teaches at the Harvard Medical School, said in an article in Ebony magazine published today that Blacks who promote anti-Semitism may be falling into a trap laid by their enemies.

“The historic alliances between Jews and Blacks have been important to the individual advancement of both groups and the Black community should not relinquish this alliance on either the Israeli dispute or quota arguments,” said Dr. Poussaint. He said he saw grave dangers if the current schism between Blacks and Jews in America continues to develop.

The article examined the causes and effects of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the Black community. Dr. Poussaint called for affirmative action among both groups to bring their social conflict into perspective. “The Jewish community has long been one of the strongest allies of Blacks,” the psychiatrist wrote. “More than any other white group, Jews helped to spearhead and support the civil rights movement.” This alliance is necessary now more than ever, said Dr. Poussaint, for both minorities must struggle together for an equal share of power and opportunity.

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