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Greek Edition of ‘in Memoriam’

The Salonica Jewish community recently published a Greek edition of “In Memorium.” the book dedicated to the memory of fallen Jews. The book was originally written in French by Joseph Nehama and a former Chief Rabbi of Salonica. Michael Molho, both now dead. A limited number of copies were published in 1948-49, but since then copies have been unavailable.

The Salonica community has offered complimentary copies of the book to all Greek Jews as well as to many Greek personalities. Today, the Salonica Jewish community has dwindled to 800-1000 persons. At the turn of the century, it was a flourishing community of 90,000 and in 1940 numbered 60.000. About 50,000 Salonica Jews were exterminated by the Nazis. Since then, a great number have emigrated to Israel, the United States France and other countries.