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Brazil’s Jewish Community Concerned with Nation’s Change of Attitude Toward Mideast. Saqaaf’s Anti-s

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Omar Saqaaf left today for Paris, after a seven-day official visit to Brazil which concluded with a declaration signed by the Foreign Ministers of both countries affirming that “a constructive treatment of the Mideast question has as a fundamental component the de-occupation of all territories seized by force and the recognition of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”

Brazil thus changed entirely her traditional equidistance policy toward the Mideast conflict. The change has created anxiety within the Jewish community, especially the anti-Semitic statements by Saqaaf at the official welcome dinner in Brasilia, and during his press conference.

Attacking “international Zionism,” Saqaaf said that the Arab countries cannot reach a high level of development because of the “Jewish racist Zionism” and that after “occupying an entire country” Israel “turns against her neighbor Arab countries in an attempt to dominate them also.” Saqaaf was guest yesterday of President Ernesto Geisel in Brasilia for Independence Day celebrations. This is the minister’s second visit in 12 months to Brazil.