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UJA Study Mission Members Pledge All-out Effort to Reach the 1975 Target of S750 Million

The 200-member United Jewish Appeal study Mission left Israel yesterday after pledging an all-out effort to reach the 1975 target of $750 million which is the UJA’s share of the Jewish Agency’s budget. The group. headed by UJA general chairman, Paul Zuckerman, spent two weeks in Israel meeting with leaders of the government and the Jewish Agency, visiting border settlements and towns and Inspecting the Jewish Agency’s facilities for immigrant absorption, education and other social needs.

The mission members set a personal example when they increased their individual commitments for the coming year to $11.2 million compared to $9.1 million from the same donors last year. In a resolution released before they departed, the mission members pledged that each American community would assume its share of responsibility “with concentrated determination, exploring every means, utilizing every technique and making every effort to reach out to and commit their fellow Jews to fulfill their responsibility” for absorption, education and social welfare activities in Israel.