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Jerusalem Satisfied with Geneva Delay

Officials here have broadly welcomed the results of the meeting in Vienna between Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrel Gromyko, commenting favorably on the fact that the two men seem to have approached the Mideast issue at a slow and steady peace. The decision to delay the resumption of Geneva talks until the early autumn was “the proper thing to do” an official here said. Geneva would need much careful preparation and the build-up to it could not be hurried, he added.

The official said upcoming Mideast developments would now focus on the meetings between President Ford and President Anwar Sadat and Ford and Premier Yitzhak Rabin next month–an apparent hint that Israel still hoped for American-orchestrated progress towards a partial settlement with Egypt. The official stressed that the UNEF and UNDOF mandates–due to lapse again July 24 (assuming the Syrians extend the present UNDOF mandate till then) would have to be renewed again–preferably for a six-month period, to facilitate the resumption of Geneva talks in a relaxed atmosphere.