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Israeli, Arab Intellectuals to Hold ‘mideast Peace, Conference’

With or without an interim agreement, Israelis and Arabs will meet next month in Geneva for a “Mideast peace conference.” This will not be the much-talked-of peace conference directed at solving the conflict, but a more modest one between intellectuals of both sides that will discuss “mediation techniques with special emphasis on the Mideastern experience.”

Among the Israeli participants at the conference, organized by the International Peace Academy, will be Prof. Moshe Maoz, of the Hebrew University; Prof. Shimon Shamir, of Tel Aviv University; Simcha Flapan, the left-wing journalist and editor of “New Outlook”; Ibrahim Shebat, the Arab editor of Mapam’s “Al Mersad”; and probably Dr. Saul Friedlender of the Hebrew University, who is now in Geneva.

Egypt is to be represented by three top journalists including the editor of its leading daily Al Ahram, Ihsan Abdul Kuddus. Palestine Liberation Organization-affiliated intellectuals are also expected at the meeting.