Toon: Israel, U.S. Have Common Goals
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Toon: Israel, U.S. Have Common Goals

Malcolm Toon, the new United States Ambassador to Israel, presented his credentials to President Ephraim Katzir today in ceremonies at the Presidential residence attended by Foreign Minister Yigal Allon. Both the President and the envoy affirmed that the common goal of their two countries was peace.

Toon said he took up his new duties in Israel with a sense of humility. He observed that “as befits relations between mature peoples, we do not always agree on every issue. But we are together on the most important issue–the need for peace in this area and throughout the world.”

Responding, Katzir noted “the grave times and difficult tasks our two nations face.” He said that Israel had no higher aspiration than peace with her neighbors, but added that for peace to become a reality, Israel must be secure. “I am sure this is the common goal of both our nations,” the President said.

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