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Concurrent Resolution Calls for Hearings on Arms Sale to Jordan

Sen. Clifford Case (R, NJ) announced today that he has introduced a concurrent resolution calling for hearings on the proposed sale of a $350 million U.S. air defense system to Jordan, Case said in his announcement, “My objective in offering this resolution is to permit hearings before the Foreign Relations Committee concerning these proposed sales of equipment. While I do not myself have a final view as to whether these weapons sales should ultimately be permitted, there are many grave unanswered questions Congress should consider.”

Case noted that under Senate rules, the committee has only 20 days “to enact such a concurrent resolution objecting to such an offer of sale.” He said the hearings would cover three weapons systems; the “Hawk” surface-to-air missile; the “Vulcan” anti-aircraft, self-propelled 20 mm gun and the “Redeye” shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile.