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4-point Policy Statement Issued on Future of Kadum

A brief four-point statement of settlement policy and the future of the Gush Emunim encampment at Kadum in Samaria, was published here late last night following the Cabinet’s marathon nine-hour debate on those issues. The statement said: “The government will encourage settlement on both sides of the ‘Green Line’ in accordance with its decisions, which will be in accordance with its basic policy platforms.” The “Green Line” is the demarcation line between Israel and the administered Arab territories.

The statement added: “The government will prevent settlement attempts without its approval. Decisions on settlement will continue to be made by the Ministerial Settlement Committee subject to Cabinet approval. No settlement shall be established at Kadum. At a date in the near future, to be determined by the Cabinet, the Kadum group will be transferred to a permanent place of settlement that will be offered to it within the framework of the government’s approved program. Until such time, nothing shall be done at Kadum to transform it into a permanent settlement.”