Egyptian Antiquities Displayed at Jerusalem Museum
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Egyptian Antiquities Displayed at Jerusalem Museum

Seals made of gold and precious stones, one of which served the Pharaoh who reigned at the time of the Exodus, are currently on display at the Israel Museum here. They are part of a collection of about 4000 items–mostly of ancient Egyptian art–willed to the museum which includes some 3000 scarabs, a few inscribed with the names of Pharaohs.

Four of the scarabs are on display as the “Exhibition of the Month.” One of them belonged to Amenhotep III, and another is inscribed with the name of Tutankhamen–both 14th century B.C. Pharaohs. Another giant scarab on display served as a burial ornament.

The scarab collection, one of the most important in the world, belonged to the late Dr. Kurt Stern, a Jewish physician of German origin, who was born in Egypt and worked in London. Dr. Stern willed his entire collection of antiques to the Israel Museum in memory of his parents, Harry and Julie Stern, and his brother Paul, who was killed in the Holocaust.

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