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Mexican Jurist Raps USSR for Mistreating Its Jewish Citizens

Ricardo Franco Guzman, taking office several days ago as President of the Mexican Committee for the Rights of Soviet Jewry asserted that “as a Mexican jurist I understand perfectly the injustice of Soviet dis ### against the Soviet Jewish minority and the persecution of the Prisoners of Conscience.” He spoke before some 1500 persons at a meeting organized by the Youth Committee at the Ashkenazic Kehillah Hall. Andres Henestrosa, a Mexican writer and president of the Latin-American Committee for the Rights of Soviet Jewry, said he supports the struggle of his “Jewish friends” for justice, freedom and the rights of Jewish prisoners. Mrs. Genya Penson, mother of POC Boris Penson, urged the Mexican people and press to fight against Soviet discrimination and harassment of Jews.

Among others attending the meeting were Sergio Nudelstejer, secretary general of the Central Jewish Committee and the representative of the American Jewish Committee here, and Gregorio Faigon, of Buenos Aires, president of the Latin American Jewish Congress.