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Rabbi Moishe Gewirtzman Dead at 94

Rabbi Moishe Yitzhak Gewirtzman, better known as “Reb Itzikel,” died on Yom Kippur eve in Antwerp at the age of 94. The Russian-born rabbi who settled in Belgium in 1956 was world-renowned as a “wonder rebbe,” with tens of thousands of disciples throughout the world.

A descendent of Rabbi Elimelech, Reb Itzikel taught in Antwerp for the last 20 years. The local community had built a special “court” for him and a temple had been erected by his followers throughout the world.

Tens of thousands of Hasidim attended his funeral. These included followers who arrived from New York aboard a specially chartered plane as well as thousands of Hasidim from Britain who arrived aboard special ships. The burial took place at Putte, in Holland, where other world famous rabbis are buried.