Latest Histadrut Results

With over 93 percent of the ballots counted, the Labor Alignment has emerged the clear victor in Tuesday’s Histadrut elections. It won 54,6 percent of the votes, a drop of about four percent from the 1973 elections. Likud, with 28,8 percent, scored a six percent gain but is still clearly a minority party in the trade union federation. The Democratic Movement for Change (DMC); with 8.2 percent, did slightly better than it appeared yesterday when early returns indicated only seven percent.

The Religious Workers list won 1,8 percent, a 2.5 percent decline from 1973. The Communists, who seemed to have lost a half percentage point yesterday, now have 2,9 percent, a half percent rise. The Independent Liberal Party-Civil Rights movement joint list has only 1,3 percent, a 4.6 percent drop and the Sheli faction scored 1.04 percent, down from 1.7 percent.

Voter turn-out was good. About 860,000 Histadrut members cast ballots, 65 percent of those eligible to vote. Each faction, therefore, required a minimum of 8600 votes to gain representation in Histadrut. That figure eluded the Yemenite list, the Hillel Seidel group, the Black Panthers and the Independent List.