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11 Killed, 60 Injured, 300 Highway Accidents Due to Heavy Rainfall

Eleven persons have been killed and about 60 injured during the last 24 hours in road accidents attributed to the heavy rainfall that has blanketed large areas of the country since Sunday morning. Police reported nearly 300 accidents on highways where flooding made many sections hazardous. The heavy downpour knocked out traffic lights causing bottlenecks and long lines of stalled vehicles for miles on roads leading in and out of cities.

The rainy season began early. Rain spread over the Gaza Strip and Ashkelon regions, moving north to Tel Aviv, the Sharon plain and western Galilee. Work was suspended at Haifa port. Thousands of workers were late getting to their jobs yesterday and today and school children were an hour or more late for classes. The Gush Emunim settlers in makeshift camps were hard hit as cold rains drenched the West Bank. Many live in tents at Ofra, Kadum and Maaleh Edumim. At Kadum, the local military commander opened a number of barracks to the settlers.