Scholars Urged to Combat Anti-semitism Throughout the World
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Scholars Urged to Combat Anti-semitism Throughout the World

Israeli university scholars on contemporary Jewish history agreed here that efforts should be made to urge intellectuals throughout the world to resume their role in combatting anti-Semitism. The scholars and some 100 Israeli communal leaders discussed examples of recent anti-Semitic propaganda at a meeting of the Israel Public Advisory Committee of the World Jewish Congress.

One example cited was the publication of anti-Semitic periodicals in Argentina which allege that Argentine Jews want to create a Jewish country, named “Andinia,” on the slopes of the Andes. The stories claim that a New York rabbi went to Buenos Aires to discuss with Argentine Jewish leaders the creation of the new country to be sliced from Argentine territory. According to the alleged plan, Jews will work for the economic and social disintegration of Argentina which would allow them to break away the southern part of the country and create a Jewish State for Jews who will come there after Israel is eliminated by the Arab countries.

Prof. Yehuda Bauer of Hebrew University, said intellectuals throughout the world are becoming tired of being reminded of the Holocaust and of the guilt of the Western world in its treatment of Jews. He said this lack of will by the intellectuals to combat anti-Semitism means that anti-Semitic propaganda will be more acceptable by the masses.

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