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Israel Diplomat Says U.S. Takes Too Many Risks at the Expense of Israel

An Israeli diplomat said here today that “the U.S. is inclined to take too many risks at the expense of Israel.” Ambassador Shoamay Cabana, Deputy Representative of Israel to the United Nations, referred to the Security Council vote of March I condemning Israel’s settlements in the occupied territories, which the U.S. supported and President Carter later disavowed.

“The last test in the Security Council was only a symptom of Israel’s difficult political situation,” Cahona told an audience of 200 at Temple Beth Abraham here. With respect to Carter’s renunciation of the vote, he said, “We accept’ the position of the President as the last word…What is disturbing is the drift of U.S. policy. The U.S. is inclined to take too many risks at the expense of Israel.”

Cahona said “The Israel government has a sincere interest in a continuous and ongoing cooperation with the U.S. It would be a pity if, as a result of the present experience, that our relations would be damaged in any way. We are anxious that good relations continue and be intensified as we approach a critical moment in the peace process.”

Cahona said that “One of the problems a sector of the American public has is that at pays attention to what happens in the UN. The UN has become the graveyard of many fine and some not so fine resolutions….Eventually, this resolution will be forgotten.”