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Tension Continues on the West Bank

Tension continued on the West Bank where an Israeli soldier was injured Monday night by a hand grenade thrown at an army command car setting the vehicle on fire. Army sappers later demolished a house in the Dahiche refugee camp near Hebron where the attack occurred.

The Arab population of the Hebron area is beginning to feel the economic effects of the curfew imposed after the ambush killing of six Jews in Hebron by Palestinian terrorists last Friday. Crops cannot be gathered for marketing in Jordan. The Jordan River bridges, where fight restrictions are in effect, are carrying less than a third of their normal traffic. Only seven buses crossed the bridges yesterday compared to 20 or more on a normal day.

Meanwhile, Premier Menachem Begin, addressing the opening session of the Liberal Party convention in Jerusalem yesterday, vowed that Israel will never relinquish security to a non-Israeli body in the occupied territories under the autonomy scheme. Israel has flatly rejected an Egyptian proposal in the autonomy talks that would give the self-governing authority a major role in security on the West Bank and Gaza.