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Ilo Gets Anti-israel Resolution

An Arab-sponsored resolution demanding the dismantling of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories was adopted for the agenda by the resolutions committee of the international Labor Organization (ILO) conference here today. But its adoption by the plenary session next week is considered doubtful.

The committee approved the resolution by a vote of 340 with 270 abstentions. There is no negative vote in committee. The plenary meeting counts the voles differently. While the Arabs lined up the votes of the Communist and Moslem countries for the draft, most African countries were not present. The Israeli delegates believe the Africans will vote against the resolution at the plenary session.

Israeli Labor Minister Israel Katz who is in Geneva for the ILO’s annual assembly, denounced the resolution at a press conference this afternoon, noting the ILO spent the last two weeks debating over anti-Israel resolutions instead of dealing with labor problems.