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Bomb Explosion Injures 9 People

– Nine people were injured today when a bomb exploded in a market stall in downtown Gaza near thee city hall. The explosion, caused by a Soviet-manufactured hand grenade, occurred as Mayor Rashad a-Shawa was meeting with Israel’s Military Governor Yitzhak Segev to discuss, among other items, plans for the reopening of the “Palestine Bank” in Gaza.

The bank was closed after the Six-Day War, but recently the owners asked for permission to reopen it. Permission was granted on condition that it would not be named “Palestine Bank.” The bank petitioned the Israel Supreme Court to allow it to reopen under its old name, claiming that the Military Government’s objection was based on political consideration. The court issued a restraining order against the ban on the use of the name “Palestine Bank” and the Military Government subsequently decided to withdraw its objection but made it clear that the use of the name “Palestine” will not be regarded as a precedent.