Call for Solidarity with Jewish Dissident Women in Moscow
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Call for Solidarity with Jewish Dissident Women in Moscow

Distressed by the Soviet Union’s repression of Soviet Jews and suppression of their human rights, New York City Council President Carol Bellamy has called for solidarity with a group of Jewish dissident women in Moscow and imprisoned Soviet dissident Ida Nudel.

“What we intend to do is share the burden with these courageous people,” Ballamy declared Tuesday, at the inaugural meeting of the New York Women’s Group for Soviet Jewry which is co-chaired by Bellamy and Karen Burstein, Consumer Protection Board chair designate. “We want them to know — and we want the world to know — that they aren’t alone in their frightening and frustrating struggle.”

The New York group is composed of more than 50 prominent women drawn from the political, business and art worlds, and is an affiliate of The Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry. It will serve as a sister organization to the Moscow women’s group, monitoring the plight of the Moscow women, providing moral support for them and appealing for their right to emigrate.

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