Draft Accord on Sinai Peace Force to Be Initialed Friday
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Draft Accord on Sinai Peace Force to Be Initialed Friday

The draft agreement on a multi-national peace force to police Sinai following Israel’s full withdrawal next year will be initialed tomorrow by senior Israeli, Egyptian and American officials at the U.S. Embassy in London.

David Kimche, Director General of the Israel Foreign Ministry, will represent Israel; the U.S. is sending Michael Sterner, head of the State Department’s Middle East section; and Egypt will be represented by Ambassador Al-Shaah, Parliamentary Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs. Diplomats say London was chosen because it is the central point between the three signing countries.

Under the Camp David agreements, a United Nations force was to have replaced Israeli troops in Sinai. This was opposed by the Russians, and after months of discussions Egypt and Israel agreed to a mainly American force but also including some Commonwealth troops. The force will contain 2,000 lightly armed troops backed by 1,000 communications and logistics personnel.

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