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News Brief

Israel radio and TV will be banned from referring to the “West Bank” if a Supreme Court application from the Judea and Samaria Settlers Association is upheld. The Association, through its lawyer, Elyakim Haetzni of Kiryat Arba, has submitted arguments to the court that the term “West Bank” is essentially a Jordanian concept, implying Jordanian rule over both banks of the Jordan River. The applicants want Israel Radio and TV to be ordered to refer to the area as “Judaea and Samaria” (as Premier Menachem Begin and his aides invariable do.) Present usage on radio and TV refers to the “West Bank” or “Judaea and Samaria” interchangeably — as do most Israelis, including most civil servants and army personnel. The Surpreme Court will consider the application after the summer recess.