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Palestinian Arrested for Vienna Synagogue Bombing and Murder of Councilman

Austrian police have arrested a Palestinian who they believe planned and organized the killing of Vienna City Councilman Heinz Nittel and the attack on the synagogue in the Austrian capital. According to the Interior Ministry, police in Salzburg arrested Bahij Younis, 28, who was carrying a Jordanian passport.

A search of his home produced a number of handguns, hand grenades, and several Arab passports. Police believe he is one of the top organizers of the extremist Palestinian groups, Al Asifa, headed by Abu Nidal.

After the attack on the Vienna synagogue Aug. 29 where two persons were killed and 18 injured, two terrorists were apprehended. They claimed to be members of Al Asifa. During their interrogation one of them, Muhammed Radjai, confessed to having killed Nittel, president of the Israel-Austrian Friendship Society, on May 1. In both terrorist acts, Radjai said, he received instructions and guns from a Palestinian officer in Vienna, whose name he would not give. Police think that Younis may be the wanted third man.