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Workers to Close Down All Airports on Saturday to Demonstrate Effect of Sabbath Airport Closure

The Israel Civil Aviation Authority has informed all airlines flying to and from Israel that Ben Gurion International Airport and other civilian airfields throughout the country will be closed on the coming Saturday.

The airports’ workers central actions committee, comprising representatives of all airfield units, including El Al, has told the airlines that the day-long stoppage, from the on-set of the Sabbath on Friday afternoon till sun-down on Saturday, is designed to show the government what full implementation of the El Al Sabbath flight ban, as demanded by the Agudat Israel Party under the coalition agreement, really means.

The government will not issue court back to work orders, as is usually done in the case of essential services. Such an appeal to the courts would be embarrassing to the government as it would mean court orders to personnel to work on the Sabbath, when the workers are demonstrating what a complete Sabbath rest would involve.