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2 U.S. Lawmakers Express Support for Israel’s Actions in Lebanon

Two American Congressmen met today with Premier Menachem Begin, and afterwards expressed support for Israel’s military operation In Lebanon.

Rep. Mario Biaggi (D. NY) expressed confidence that Israel’s action would not reduce Congressional support for economic aid to Israel. “Given the facts in a more accurate representation of what has occurred, such as we intend to provide to the members of Congress, we will reconstitute the kind of support Israel has traditionally enjoyed, ” Biaggi said.

Discussing the criticism of Israel in the U.S news media. Rep James Scheuer (D.NY) said: “This too shall pass.” He said that the fruits of Israel’s accomplishment in Lebanon and the enormity of what Israel achieved will very soon become clear. All these achievements, he noted, are consistent with American foreign policy. “The Israelis have created conditions for the emergence of a unified Lebanon, a solid, sovereign Lebanese state.”