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WZO Approves a $57 Million Budget

The World Zionist Organization Executive today approved a $57 million budget for the WZO, $1.4 million more than last year. Akiva Levinsky, the treasurer, said the largest increases will be for the departments reponsible for bringing young people to Israel.

The youth and hechalutz department received an additional $400,000, and the two education departments received an additional $100,000 each. Regarding the aliya department, Levinsky said its budget is open-ended. “If there are more immigrants, there will be more money,” he said.

Most of the total WZO budget is earmarked for Zionist education in the diaspora. Some 750 Zionist emissaries comprise education missions overseas. Of these, 450 are teachers and 300 deal with youth and hechalutz in community centers and youth movements.