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Talks Between Israelis, U.S. Officials Aimed at Finding Early Solution of Lebanon Problem

Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir and Defense Minister Moshe Arens arrived here today and immediately stressed that the redeployment of troops planned by Israel is in “the context of the agreement between Lebanon and Israel” for the withdrawal of Israeli troops.

Shamir, who along with Arens met with Secretary of State George Shultz this afternoon, made a brief statement at National Airport in which he noted “we are here on the invitation of” President Reagan. The two are expected to meet with Reagan either tomorrow or Thursday.

Shamir said that the three days of meetings with Reagan Administration officials, beginning today, are aimed at finding “the ways and means for an early solution” to the problem of Lebanon “based upon our common objective. We want to implement the Lebanese-Israeli agreement concluded the 17th of May which is designed to secure the restoration of Lebanese sovereignty over all of its territory, to secure the northern border of Israel, and to bring about the withdrawal of all foreign forces.”

The Israeli Foreign Minister stressed that “it is clear now that the main roadblock for the implementation of this common objective is the refusal of Syria and the constant efforts (by Syria) to undermine Lebanese sovereignty.”