Syrians Reinforcing Their Positions in the Bekaa Valley
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Syrians Reinforcing Their Positions in the Bekaa Valley

The Syrians are reinforcing their positions in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon and are apparently preparing to remain there for a long time, according to Brig. Gen. Yehuda Cohen, commander of the Israel Defense Force Engineering Corps.

He told military correspondents today that hundreds of tank positions have been prepared in the valley and extensive minefields have been laid there, facing the IDF positions.

Cohen disclosed that his men have begun to move some of their equipment from the present Israeli front line in Lebanon. He stressed, however, that this removal did not endanger the IDF positions and that the efficiency and safety of Israeli soldiers would not be affected even if the government ordered the IDF to remain in its present position, postponing its redeployment for any reason until after the winter.

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