Awards Presented for Bravery During the War in Lebanon
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Awards Presented for Bravery During the War in Lebanon

Medals and citations for bravery during the Lebanon War were bestowed at a ceremony at Northern Command headquarters today. Four of the medals were awarded posthumously to the relatives of men killed in the war.

The recipients ranged from a colonel, cited for bravery in extricating a tank column during a heavy battle, to a private medical corpsman for treating wounded under fire.

An army chaplain was singled out for volunteering to go to the Israeli front line close to Syrian positions to search for the bodies of Israeli soldiers killed in an earlier battle.

Northern commander Maj. Gen. Amir Drori, addressing the parade as news of the renewed fighting in Beirut was received, said the Lebanon war was still going on. He said the IDF was redeployed along the Awali River line to ensure and consolidate the IDF achievements in the war.

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