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Anti-nazis, Pro-nazis Clash

Anti-Nazi demonstrators battled neo-Nazi activists in the town of Fallingbostel, Lower Saxony today. Police reported 25 persons injured, including several policemen, and 40 arrests. Most of those taken into custody were anti-Nazis who hurled bottles of paint and ignored police orders to disperse.

The clash occurred when anti-Nazis attempted to prevent the activists from entering the hall where the far rightwing National Democratic Party (NPD) is holding its national convention. The NPD is considered neo-Nazi, Police reported this evening that the situation was under control and the convention is proceeding as planned.

A peaceful anti-Nazi demonstration was held, meanwhile, at the site of the former Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, organized by the DGB, umbrella organization of West German trade unions. Speakers called on the Bundestag to ban all neo-Nazi groups in the country. They denounced the local authorities at Fallingbostel for allowing the NPD to hold its convention there.