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Israel Votes with U.S. in UN Assembly Against Resolution Condemning U.S. Grenada Invasion

Israel was one of a handful of countries to join with the United States last night in opposing a General Assembly resolution “deeply deploring” America’s “armed intervention in Grenada.” The vote was 108-9, with 27 abstentions. Those voting against the resolution included Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines.

Ambassador Yehuda Blum of Israel, in response to a question by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Israel’s vote, said: “As a result of Israel’s own experience we naturally understand and identify with all other states who are confronted with the danger of subversion and destabilization. Certainly all states must be guaranteed the freedom to elect their own government and determine their own future without fear of external subversion.”

United States Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, appearing on the ABC-TV “Nightline” program last night, said the U.S. appreciated Israel’s vote. She noted that frequently the U.S. is isolated in the Assembly when it votes on behalf of Israel, but yesterday Israel was isolated when it voted on behalf of the U.S.