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5 Israeli Soldiers Injured when Booby Trapped Car Explodes

Five Israeli soldiers we injured in south Lebanon yesterday, none seriously, when a booby-trapped car exploded as it passed their convoy on the coast road less than a mile south of the Zaharani River. Two terrorist groups claimed credit.

The car, described as a large black Mercedes, may have been driven by a suicide commando or may have collided with one of the three armored personnel carriers that made up the convoy. One was being towed to a repair base by another and the third, the lead vehicle, was guarding the two. Mortar shells were four in the wrecked Mercedes.

According to Beirut radio, credit for the incident was claimed by a hitherto unknown group called Jabr Amal. In a later announcement the Lebanon Resistance Movement took responsibility, claiming that the car we driven by a 17 year-old suicide volunteer.