Home of Chile’s Chief Rabbi is Daubed with Swastikas
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Home of Chile’s Chief Rabbi is Daubed with Swastikas

The private home of Chile’s Chief Rabbi, Angel Kreiman, was daubed with swastikas in the latest in a growing wave of ant-Semitic acts, the World Jewish Congress reported here.

The Comite Representativo de las Entidades Judias de Chile, the central representative body of Chilean Jewry and the WJC affiliate here, has publicly denounced these incidents and have taken their protests to governmental authorities. After the latest incident, statements by the Chief Rabbi were publicized by the Santiago press.

The daily “Las Ultimas Noticias” carried a lengthy denunciation by Kreiman of the “resurgence of Nazi presence in Chile” in which he asserted “The anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi movement revealed itself when the walls of the synagogue on Santa Isabel Street were smeared with swastikas.”

Kreiman added that the situation is not isolated. “We are very concerned and we are denouncing the continuing evidence of the neo-Nazi anti-Semitic campaign in Santiago and in the country at large. This is something which Chileans had not ever before known and which seems to have increased during the last three years.”

Just last June, Chile’s Director-General of Investigations, Gen. Rodolfo Paredes, met with leaders of the Comite and conveyed assurance that a determined effort would be taken against these outrages.