Religious Fundamentalism Denounced
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Religious Fundamentalism Denounced

A strong denunciation of religious fundamentalism marked the opening session of the European Conference of the International Council of Jewish Women in Zurich Monday. The gathering, which drew 230 delegates from European countries, including Hungary and

Leila Seigel, president of the ICJW, declared in her opening address, “We are disturbed by the progress of religious fundamentalism, whatever its origin. Fidelity to our faith and identity does not mean fanaticism. We have based our ideals on the Jewish

Seigel added, “Our approach is based on dialogue. We believe in partnership between men and women, between youth and adults, even though we will not agree on everything.”

The Conference, chaired by Beatrice Zucker of Switzerland and Thea Zucker of Belgium, sent an appeal to the Conference of European Rabbis, currently taking place in Belgium. The rabbis were urged “not only to consider solutions to

The problems of concern include get, religious divorce; agunah, a presumed widow who cannot re-marry because there is no conclusive proof of her widowhood; and chalitza, a ritual relieving a man from the religious obligation of marrying