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Israel-u.s. Non-militarytrade Balanced in Israel’s Favor Last Year

Trade between Israel and the U.S. was balanced in Israel’s favor last year, for the first time since the two countries have been trading, according to the latest edition of the Statistics Year Book published Thursday. The figures cover only civilian trade.

Excluding military imports from the U.S., which amounted to $1.8 billion in 1985, Israel exported $460 million more to the U.S. than it imported. That was a sharp reversal from the two previous years. The trade gap in 1984 was $111 million in America’s favor and in 1983 it was $386 million.

According to the Year Book, Israel’s exports to the U.S. increased by 30 percent last year while non-military imports dropped five percent. The positive trade balance continued for the first nine months of 1986.