Defense Ministry Establishes Four Teams to Wind Down Lavi Project
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Defense Ministry Establishes Four Teams to Wind Down Lavi Project

Four special teams established by the Defense Ministry are working on winding down the Lavi project, with “the objective of causing the minimum possible harm in the level of employment at Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI),” Haaretz reported Thursday.

Defense Ministry Director-General David Ivri is coordinating the work of the teams.

One team will be leaving later in the month for the U.S., where its main work will be to examine contracts signed with American companies, and the amount Israel will have to pay them in compensation.

The second team will focus on closing down the project in Israel, and will conduct negotiations on the amount of compensation to be paid to Israeli companies that signed Lavi-related contracts.

Members of the third team will be responsible for employment issues, and will examine the possibility of worker mobility, and absorbing workers dismissed from IAI and other factories in new places of employment.

The fourth team, working with the Israel Defense Force, will examine the possibility of the army using a variety of Lavi components, which would prevent the shutdown of some parts of the Lavi project. This team will also look into the possibility of increasing IDF orders from IAI.