Survey Finds Anti-semitism in Zurich
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Survey Finds Anti-semitism in Zurich

A secret survey which found that 30 percent of the population of Zurich holds anti-Semitic prejudices in varying degrees has shocked the 8,000-member Jewish community of Zurich, the largest in Switzerland.

The survey was made by a private organization that helps minorities in Switzerland. It was for internal use only. But the magazine Zuriwoche obtained the results and published them this week.

According to the findings, 9 percent of Zurich residents questioned admitted they were anti-Semites; 11 percent said they had anti-Semitic tendencies and another 11 percent acknowledged they sometimes had anti-Semitic feelings.

Swiss living in neighborhoods with ultra-Orthodox Jews tended to be more anti-Semitic, the survey found. Zurich is the largest and most prosperous city in Switzerland.