Anti-israel Text Circulates As U.N. Debate Continues
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Anti-israel Text Circulates As U.N. Debate Continues

Debate continued in the Security Council on Monday regarding the situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as representatives from a number of Arab and Third World countries joined previous speakers in condemning Israel for its actions in suppressing the Palestinian uprising.

The debate, held at the request of the Arab group of nations, began Friday.

There were reports Monday that the Palestine Liberation Organization, represented at the United Nations by the Palestine observer mission, is circulating drafts of a proposed resolution that would strongly deplore human rights violations and the shootings of Palestinian civilians by Israeli soldiers.

The resolution would also affirm statements made last week by the Palestine observer mission’s representative, who asked that the United Nations intervene in the 14-month-old uprising.

On Friday, Israel’s acting ambassador, Johanan Bcin, told the Security Council that the Palestinians hurling stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli troops and civilians are not the innocent demonstrators they were being made out to be.

The debate will continue Tuesday afternoon.